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Title: Outbound Letter Writing Reward Refill
Post by: Rob Andrews on June 20, 2018, 04:42:23 PM

We had pretty good success using the last 500K letter writing reward bounties, we wrote 107 outbound letters and paid a reward between 3400 bbp and 1350 bbp, but the money is being eaten up quickly (we spent 450K out of 500,000) so we have about 50K left.

Yes, we still need to implement the orphan adoption system, where a miner can adopt an orphan and have a closer relationship.  That is still coming, this is a stopgap in between.   The technical reason that has not been programmed yet is we have been hit with two high priority feature requests (Monthly expense totals for charities in the pool, and the ability to store tax records for bloom, compassion and cameroon one in the pool).  Once these are out of the way we will jump back to orphan adoption.

In the mean time lets vote for a refill so we can keep the writing going the old fashioned way  ;D.