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Title: Phase 2: Biblepay Mass Embracement Campaign
Post by: Cryptoshot on April 16, 2018, 05:58:00 AM
Biblepay Mass Embracement Campaign Tour:  Phase 2


Hi respected sanctuaries,
Once again, I submit this proposal as a continuation to what I started in ensuring the good message of Biblepay is send across to the reach of every possible corner in Ghana and Africa at large. This Project is targeted at fetching more investors and Masternodes or Sanctuaries to the Biblepay community.
This is the Phase 2 of the Project; this follows the successful execution or implementation of the various activities that I captured in the first proposal covering the Phase 1 during the previous Superblock. Evidence of this can be seen from the project cover report I submitted at the general discussion forum.

This time round, I am incorporating a new dimension in order to make sure the awareness creation scope cover the access  of a lot of people, by this; I am targeting the following list of activities to undertake in the phase 2.
The hosting of Three (3) Radio discussion programs on Biblepay  in three different cities in Ghana , namely; Volta Region, Northeren Region and the Brong Ahafo Region.
The organization of another major conference in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana, with about 100 expected participants
The design, Printing and Distribution of a Biblepay Operational Manual (Hard copy); the distribution will be covering various church elites and University students as well as other workers that do not have the chance to listen to radio discussions or attend conferences. This will be a continuous activity till a target number of over 2000 people are covered. Howeve, this will be captured in the next superblock budget. Thanks to Jaap and Togo who are willing to help me organize the content of this book or operational manual of Biblepay cryptocurrency.
So for this PHASE of the Project, I am requesting for a total of (400,000 BBP) at an average market price of 0.003 to carry out the plan activities for the community. I count on your usual cooperation, and plead on all noble sanctuaries to give a yes vote on this proposal; and the impact shall be great for us. Thank You

As usual, Radio discussions and the conference shall be have a live broadcast
Pictures and short videos, covering the presentations and distribution of the Operational manual to the targeted cohorts
Receipt if required covering all expenditures shall be submitted to the community.

Radio discussion $200 for each by 3                               = $600
CONFERENCE ORGANIZATION                                             
-conference Hall hiring at host city.     =$210
-Refreshment for participants.             =$120 (50 people as target)
-Transport to and from host city.         =$80
-Accommodation for a day.                 = $70
Engagement compensation for the entire work.              =$120
By: Habib (Cryptoshot)