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A Nobel Request!
« on: July 02, 2024, 11:46:37 PM »
Hey BBP and Kindhearted people. I see how wonderful things you guys did. Although it seems that the community is
sinking but I view it as the calmness before Strome. The Strome of light spreading everywhere in the world.
I was praying for a certain topic & as you guys played the part of well-wishers previously; I have faith that in the future you will continue to do that.
I've nothing but a heart of serving. I love to do that. I'm teaching diploma level of theology course totally voluntarily not in the hope of any exchange but to help them and guide them for their future ministry life. I felt the need of a tablet computer for this process. What would help me to study everywhere. But as a volunteer servant I don't have any option other than God. He shown me 2 way no 1: ask to the community & 2ndly go for a loan. Now there for I'm requesting you guys if you feel anything any amount, I would appreciate it highly.

It would cost me approximately 535$ Equivalent in my local currency.

Here is my

BBP address: BGRUU8zcUkpVjKEaineE7sot4AZMZGKFVN