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Acts 27 Bible Study Questions
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Acts 27 Bible Study Questions

What would you say is the biggest, most exciting, and eventful journey you have ever taken?

Can you explain the similarities and differences with the story of Jonah?

Verse 3: Why do you think a Roman soldier responsible for his prisonerís captivity would let Paul go freely to his friends? If you were the centurion, would you let your prisoner have so much freedom? Can you share a time when you trusted someone with a big responsibility? Did it pay off or were you disappointed?

Verse 9-12: Paul warned the crew that the ship was headed for disaster if the voyage continued. Have you ever been so intent on reaching a goal
that you forgot to pay attention to the details? Can
you give an example?

Verse 19-20: When Paul is in a difficult situation, God meets Paulís need. Was there a time when God met your need in a difficult circumstance or situation? Or, if you felt God did not meet you, explain that situation as well.

How can God guide us when we have "storms" in our own lives?


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Re: Acts 27 Bible Study Questions
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Wow I love this! I find it really cool that there are these Bible study questions.