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    • February 08, 2023, 04:49:18 AM
I'm here to gladly trade my SILVER for BBP!

My main reason for doing this is the fact that it will give our currency a bit more weight via silver. (ha-ha see what I did there?) I'm personally trying to get 4.5M coins and start a sanctuary, but if this keeps working out I will continue to trade my collection.

1. Shipping will be via USPS and only in the USA. Sorry I don't really like international shipping especially with something like money.

2. It's $15 for shipping. I live in Alaska and "Overnight" shipping doesn't exist here. USPS priority works well.

3.Payment MUST be made upfront. If you're a local here then I'll gladly do 50/50 BUT until I get to know you guys, I can't risk being taken by a scammer. Sorry.

4. Ill gladly haggle my prices, and I can get you whatever picture you want of the item - BUT PLEASE no rock bottom low ballers! Serious offers only.

5. Any comments/suggestions are appreciated. I'm also always looking to trade pokemon cards, so if you have them let me know! I'll gladly buy them if I have the money!

6.The forum will be checked once a day, on week days.

*items list will grow, I'll mark off whats sold and so on.
For Today. A few certified coins!
1. 1884-S XF40 Morgan $160
2. 1880-O AU55 Morgan $75
11. 1897-S MS64 Morgan $135

Now, a few raw coins!

3. 1904-O Morgan $50
4. 1921-D Morgan $50
5. 1900 Morgan $60
6. 1882-O Morgan $60
7.1 890 Morgan $100
8. 1878 8TF Morgan $150
9. 1894-S  Morgan $900
10. 1887-S Morgan $250
12. 2010 Walking Liberty $1 $50
13. 1922-D Peace $40
14. 1923 Peace $50
15. 1925-S Peace $50
16. 1927-S Peace $200
17. 1935 Peace $125
18. 1928 Peace $500

MUCH more to come, but I think this should be a fine start. Once again, please. Feel free to email and questions/comments!
THANKS and have an amazing day!

-Summit  8)
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Re: The BiblePay to SILVER (Morgans, Peace dollars) Project. Sell me BBP!
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Re: The BiblePay to SILVER (Morgans, Peace dollars) Project. Sell me BBP!
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Good idea!  Looking into your coins...