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Acts 22 Bible Study Questions
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Acts 23 Bible Study Questions

Acts 23:6-10 What are some ways that Christianity is different from all other religions? How does the resurrection give hope even when facing dire circumstances?

Acts 23:15 Talk about a time when you have been treated wrongly. How have you responded? What kind of response pleases God? How does knowing God is in control enable us to respond rightly?

Acts 23:11 What are some of the promises that God gives to us that will encourage us in difficult times? Look these up and read them together. Which is most encouraging to you personally?

Acts 23:12-22 Talk about the difference between providence (protective care of God) and miracles. Which is Godís normal way of accomplishing His will? How does that give us confidence in difficulties?

Acts 23:23-35 Discuss the goodness of God. What does it mean to say that God is good? What are the evidences of His goodness? Can you see His goodness even in bad times?


Pray for strength to trust God in situations when you are wronged so that your witness might give glory to God
Pray for someone who needs to know Jesus as Savior
Thank the Lord for the peace and comfort that He has given to you.
Pray that you can rest in His control in the difficulties you face this week.
Pray that you might see and give thanks to God for His goodness and mercy that are everlasting.