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Hello brothers and sisters,

Receive much greetings from Kenya family. We are writing to seek for your prayers and any kind support towards our orphanage centre. 

Officers from the ministry of health came  to our orphanage center for inspection. They found out :

1. Our washrooms are not enough for all children to use, ( dig new)

2.Expansion of our dormitories,

3. Increase the number of  bunk beds, blankets,mattresses

4.  water storage tanks(clean water to drink) and mosquito nets.

We are writing to request if the Lord opens ways for this to be done we will really appreciate. We seek for your advice and better directions from you and support from friends for us to achieve this.

Here is our first phase of the  project we are praying to start.

Digging of the bit latrine 40 meters each @ 600= 24,000

Blankets 20 pieces @ 600              =      12,000

Mattresses  6 pieces @3,500         = 21,000

                                              TOTAL Ksh     57,000


We agree to take pictures of our progress and post them on this thread as the project is completed, and we agree to upload a copy of the receipt for the materials totaling at least the amount of the proposal ($570).

We look forward to hear from you. May the lord richly bless you.


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