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Archived Proposals / 2nd Biblepay Faucet
« on: January 15, 2018, 10:26:53 AM »
Sanctuary owners,

During the last week I developed a faucet to help introduce new users to biblepay. It is accessible at

I am seeking funding for the work I have done, the backend costs, and to ensure funding for the faucet balance

Faucet features

  • Rewards BBP multiple times per day
  • Rewards a random amount each time

Faucet benefits

  • Promotes & introduces biblepay to users who are unable to mine or purchase through exchanges

Budget breakdown

$ figures are in CAD (Canadian Dollar)
C$0.01 / BBP calculated on January 15th 2018

Domain name: 2500 BBP this covers 1 year of expenses

Server: 21600 BBP this covers 3 months of expenses (I use vultr with backup and ddos protection)

Time to build faucet: 50000 BBP (20 hours * $25 = $500) I made the faucet from scratch not with open source script

Funding to keep the faucet full: 35900 BBP this should keep the faucet balance at close to 1000 BBP for around 3 months

Total budget requested:  110000 BBP



Thank you for your consideration and support. I have more planned in future to promote and get new biblepay users through the faucet. Please post any questions you may have.

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