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Man, I don't know many of them do not trust in this project! Hats off brother for your dedication!
Thanks; even though there is not much of a reward right now, I think we are still close to deploying the cutting edge use cases, and God will help us get through the fog and make a valuable service for Christians (and non Christians) that fulfills voids in the current world systems:  Banks start to collapse, people turn to Crypto.  Retirement accounts earn less than inflation: people look for alternative investments, like crypto-indexes and crypto based instruments. 

The new code is cleaner, I can see why they refactored so much.  They gutted a lot of fluff out of the old wallet.  They refactored the whole program so its more efficient.  I had trouble understanding the new "node interface" that Dash uses now; there is a lot of new code that sets references to the NodeContext and the CoreContext so that requires some work for BBP custom code to be ported over to work with it but it was a good learning experience for me anyway; I think we are over the hump now and I'm hoping to have it in testnet by the end of the month.

Thanks for solving the issue Rob!
No problem brother A.

Rebase 50% finished but its a huge project.  There are about 500,000 lines of code that were changed in Bitcoin and Dash.

this is what I see. nothing happens. But I received your call last night.
Sweet, well please email me your phone number cause that is what Im trying to use to reproduce the problem, and I still cant see it.


Nice Bible-focused Ai.

Yeah, one real use case I thought that we can do with this in the future, is make the Sancs run an instance of openLLAMA's LLM (open source version of dolphin 3.5 for example), and we can have a sanc decide what Christian videos you may want on your feed (of course we have to build up a library of prophecy videos and stuff) but we could be the first coin to deploy in house AI for example and possibly charge BBP for chat queries.

I'm checking that out, but calling didn't go through when I tried to call with the phone. To my specific country even though I have nearly 100k bbp.
Send me the full phone number you are trying to dial and maybe a screen shot of what you have on there before you hit send and any error message.

Heads Up everyone:

I'm going to be working on rebasing BiblePay up to the latest version of Dash (as of April 2024) over the next 30 days.
This means we will inherit all of the latest bitcoin and dash features.
It will also fix the existing LLMQ bugs.

I'll let everyone know when the testnet thread is ready as we really have to ensure everything works properly before making it the new official wallet.

In the mean time not sure if anyone read about the new features I posted related to AI (artificial intelligence), those can now be tested in unchained.

here is my Eth meta address.


When you receive bbp you can send me Eth gas. It would be helpful.

Sent $5.08 of ETH on txid 0x4c3f7cb8b00152038b7113c44e5d4dbbffc1b356455c2ddb1bbc64a1d27c2723
to you.

Once Unchained is used a lot more, I can add a feature to Send ETH from ERC-20 wallet.

Note that gas fees on ARB are only about $.08 cents per tx, its just that the minimum balance of $3-$4 is required to be in the wallet for the Nethereum/metamask libraries to create transactions properly.  So the challenge is to get most users to have $4 minimum, then they can transact for a year doing various things with the gas.  Its a little bit of a bar for entry on the erc-20 side but Im sure we will figure something out to make it easier.  (On the unchained side, I actually pay the gas for the nfts and the arb transfers, that explains how it happens frictionlessly on that side).

On another unrelated note, it is very easy to add a second metamask account using the unchained Private key which will allow users to send and receive from metamask using their unchained address (I mainly say this because users are going to ask me eventually how do I move an NFT from unchained into metamask so I can sell it on opensea) and that will be the answer; I just have to make a button that lets users see their unchained erc-20 private key.  We can do that someday also with more activity.

here is my Eth meta address.


When you receive bbp you can send me Eth gas. It would be helpful.
I dont see it; again, send me the TXID when you send it.

hey guys the chainz bbp explorer hosting is expiring in 13 days.

Ok, checking... Thanks.

Do I have to send it from outside of the BBP eco-system?
Actually now that I think about it you cant send ARB from your metamask wallet if it has no gas, so if you need gas for the Metamask wallet, send me $4 to
my bbp address, and let me know the public ERC-20 address you need ethereum send to, and the txid of the bbp.


BBP-AI is ready for testing on | Social Media | AI

So far we have two features:
1) The BBP chat bot.
2) AI image generator based on a prompt.

Our BBP chat bot has been trained about BiblePay, so it can theoretically talk to you about features that we have and give accurate answers with low hallucinations.  Realize that all the data fed into it is from our public presence so we may need to do a little more work in getting it up to date (like updating our exchanges and mining information).

The value that we add with BBP AI, is we have the capability to discern, inside the model, if the users intent is to run a service on the biblepay network.  (So for example, we define a set of contracts or interfaces, a set of services, that are defined in a way that we teach the model the inputs and outputs and tell the model to let us know if the user intends to run one of these services, or if the user wants to simply chat).  We also discern if you are simply chatting with the bot.

So far we have one service the chatbot understands, tracking a transaction.

So what you can do, is in any way you communicate it to the bot, we understand that you want to do something other than chat, and we track that tx on our network for you.

Pick any transaction that is already in a block, in order for this to work and say to the chat bot :
Track TXID _________ for me.  It should respond and give you all the info about it.

The image generator:
If you type in a prompt and we generate an image, if you would like to use that image somewhere else, such as in an NFT, you will have to scrape the URL, open it in a browser, save it to your machine first, and then you can re-upload it into an NFT and use it.  In the future we will make it easier where you can get to your images just by pasting a URL (rather than the down and up).

I faced a new issue as I tried to convert 15 ARB to BBP. It needs 5$ eth on ARB one to complete the transaction.
Now my 25$ is kinda stuck.

If you send me $4 of ARB to this ERC address:
And let me know the TXID, I can then send you $5 of Ethereum on the ARB chain.

I would also need your Unchained ERC-20 receive address.

Coming Soon:

Artificial Intelligence

Where should I send Arb?

Eth wallet? Or Arb wallet on exchange?

Also the alt >bbp isn't working
The Alt-> BBP link was not fully finished when you clicked it.  Its now been released.

The Arbitrum wallet is an erc-20 wallet built into unchained derived from your BBP keypair.
So if you have an ARB balance, you can send it to a metamask wallet erc-20 public key, as long as that metamask has the Arbitrum One Mainnet chain added to it, then you will be able to receive to that address/network and see the token balance.

Attached is a picture of the April 8th Eclipse path of totality.

Its interesting that it passes over 6 towns named "Nineveh", one named Jonah and one named Rapture.

Also, the last eclipse (the other part of the X) happened exactly 6 years, 6 months and 6 days before this eclipse.

For the naysayers who may think Nineveh's are everywhere, check this out:
Theres only 7 in the US.

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