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Now that more light is shed on the subject, I understand your predicament better.  Changed my vote back to my original one  ;D

What you say makes sense.  The amount can get quite large when the coin appreciates in value.  For paper trail purposes to it will cause you to have issues with expenditures.  So I agree.  Have two percentages.  One for charity and one for expense account.  Once the values of the percentages are available, then it can be decided where to allocate the funds.  There should be an expense projection(budget) for the next month ready before the time any way.  In conclusion, I agree with only taking off two percentages, because that way it will be easier to allocate the funds.

And they lived happily ever after.
The End

I think you both have a point.  I would suggest:
75% Miners and sanctuaries, 10% Charity, 7.5% IT, 5% PR and 2.5% P2P.
After all, we should be writing letters because we want to and not because we are getting paid.

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