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Re: BiblePay & CameroonONE
« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2018, 09:27:27 am »
Now I see I forgot about this part of your post from more than a month ago, but this goes to show I was thinking the same thing. So what happened with this suggestion (and your concurrence)? :)

Yes, well. as far as I understand, the budget on the next superblock is going to be a chunk bigger in terms of BBP, since there was a bug with the superblock in terms of adjustment to inflation, so funding both CameroonONE and compassion on this superblock shouldn't be a problem.

I concurred at that time to start slow and steady. But when Rob suggested to start a bit bigger, I didn't see a reason why not. I've talked with Todd and CameroonONE seems about as competent as it gets. Also, with the new site coming up and PR starting soon it's great to have three well funded charities at our side (since BLOOM got about the same amount of BBP).

I do agree that something could be said about spreading the funding over a few superblocks, but if we do it this way, we can fund them for a whole year instantaneously and from there on focus our attention on paying the premiums for compassion and maybe take on a few more orphans at the time while doing that.

The value in BBP vs dollars is going to fluctuate of course. We have no idea how much BBP will be worth at the time of the next superblock, so the exact funding can only be certain after everything is converted to dollars.

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Re: BiblePay & CameroonONE
« Reply #16 on: March 17, 2018, 07:03:10 am »
If sanctuaries want to vote in favor of this proposal, they can use the following command:

Code: [Select]
gobject vote-many 6ca3cdfbbd557946cb776871308797406eb1a942bd866b67b4cc906c2bfa2bea funding yes
(you can check the validity in the pool of course).

If the 4000 dollars can't be collected with the requested BBP, I will add a new proposal the next round to meet the requirements to sponsor 14 children for a whole year and start our collaboration with CameroonONE in a big way!

This sounds like a reasonable cost for 14 children, that means we are technically helping 14 children for $24 a month each ($4000 / 14 / 12) = $24.

Ill be voting yes for this, Id like to expand our relationship to include Cameroon and it would be nice to see 14 more children being sponsored in our portfolio.