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I'll take a look at this pull.

Wow, nice work!  I actually thought you were pulling my leg all this time, I didn't know you actually knew how to program.

Great job dude!

Alright I merged it in and the next version is out there for Linux, but I have to get my son, so I don't think I can get windows out til tomorrow.

Thanks for the list, I'm looking at the github commits and internally debugging the consensus feature, please hang on all.

Production Proposals / Re: PRE-PROPOSAL - Advertising - Google Adwords
« Last post by togoshigekata on June 26, 2018, 04:16:22 pm »
I used cryptotrafficrank website to help go through top 100 crypto websites, and also included a few other sites

Advertising Links & Cost

Thomas just posted that Facebook lifted their Crypto ad ban, we should jump on that.

Unfortunately I do not own any biblepay websites, Ill have to talk to Rob.

- $4-10 CPM (cost for 1,000 impressions) (Most popular sizes: 728x90. 300x600, 300x250)
- $350-800 Press releases
- $1,000-1,500 Sponsored Story

My goal is to get us to start experimenting with advertising, especially if we have extra funds in the budget,
goal is to get more users, more buyers, more awareness

Currently, my main target audience is still people who are already into/familiar with cryptocurrency
Production Proposals / Re: PRE-PROPOSAL - Advertising - Google Adwords
« Last post by LifeThruGrace on June 26, 2018, 11:37:09 am »
$0.50 is pretty high for pay-per-click. It really depends on your competitors and how much you want to spend to show your ads on rotation and how quickly you want to burn through your budget. You could spend less. if you buy long-tail keywords (3 keyword+). Those clicks are cheaper and you can "work around the edges". Ultra targeted keywords with very low CPC (cost per click).

Do you have keywords from the web site log (referer.log)? You could look analyze the keyword traffic (excluding log spam) and see if you can build a word set based on those referral keywords.

The other website selling banner ad space is good for visibility ("brand awareness") for BBP, but this is hard to measure. What kind of sites are you looking to buy banner ad space on? Is it PPI (pay per impression) or PPC (pay per click)? I can see banner ads being effective if the web site is ultra focused. For example, mining web site and you could buy space to market the CPU only mining aspects of the coin. Maybe BOINC related websites for PoDC aspect.

Other ways to build awareness is to create more content for . The forum (not btc talk) is a no-brainer.

Try Google Search Console
Do you own Get indexing and ranking data from Google.
Awesome list Togo 8)


- Pop Up / Notification
--- when New Proposal submitted?
--- Reminder to Vote on Proposals X days before end of cycle?
--- when Superblock is mined?
--- when Masternode leaves ENABLED state?

I think that these are great ideas. I don't know it it's technically possible, but it sounds awesome. I especially like the 'voting reminder' one.
Production Proposals / Re: PRE-PROPOSAL - Advertising - Google Adwords
« Last post by jaapgvk on June 26, 2018, 06:31:24 am »
If 50 cents per click is worth it I don't know. I don't have experience with these kinds of things.

I know a couple of designers. Shouldn't be a problem :)

- Move Proposals menu to a tab like Sanctuaries
---- Set Proposal List to be its own internal window
- Add Scrolling and Dragging abilities to Proposal List
---- or Find way to Shorten the information

Should the Proposals Window also show other Governance information?


--- Add Next Superblock Block Number (getgovernanceinfo: "nextsuperblock")
--- Add Superblock Budget Amount (getgovernanceinfo: "nextbudget")

--- Add Estimated Superblock Date/Time
(("nextsuperblock" - currentblock) * 7 min avg block time)

--- Add Visual Indicator or Sort/Separate Proposals based on if they are currently passing or not.

--- Add Full Budget Bar Chart (Total Budget and Currently Passing Budget)


--- Add ability to View Previous/Past Superblocks proposals/charts/info
--- Add Multi Bar Chart Split by Budget sections/types (IT, PR, P2P)

- Add ability to Create Proposal to Wallet,
I assume we still need to wait on this?


- Pop Up / Notification
--- when New Proposal submitted?
--- Reminder to Vote on Proposals X days before end of cycle?
--- when Superblock is mined?
--- when Masternode leaves ENABLED state?

REFERENCES: >>> Governance >>> Proposal List
Support and Troubleshooting / Wallet coins gone
« Last post by AndrewScribner on June 26, 2018, 01:21:53 am »
I am not sure what happened, or if I did something...
1) Avast just flagged and cleared biblepay wallet
2) My coins are gone... I had 98 coins. I can show the transactions if anyone is curious

but... i notices that the wallet says "out of sync"???

I really don't know what could have happened

Production Proposals / Ads - Google, Twitter, Facebook
« Last post by togoshigekata on June 25, 2018, 06:50:52 pm »

I am requesting $300 from the PR budget, to run ads on Google, Twitter and Facebook for 1 month, each $3/day, afterwards I will report results.

$100 - Google Text Ads
$100 - Twitter Ads
$100 - Facebook Ads

$300 / $0.002448 per BBP = 122,549 BBP


We can pay Google to show text and display ads of BiblePay


I did a little experimenting recently and setup a Text ad campaign with keywords:
- masternode
- cpu mining
- cpu mining coins
- jesus coin
- asic resistant

After 2 days, I have 12 clicks, 817 impressions and $6.18 cost
(Avg CPC [Cost Per Click] $0.52)

NOTE: My understanding is that Google may have banned Cryptocurrency ads?
my ad campaign passed as eligible and is running
I tried to stay away from the keyword cryptocurrency in everything

How the Ad Looks:



- How much money should we start spending on Advertising?
(Ive contacted other popular crypto websites requesting pricing on ad space)

- How much should we spend on Google Adwords?
- Is Google Adwords worth using?

- Should we set up Display ad? (currently only testing Text ad)
- What should the Display ad look like?

- Do you know anyone, or someone we could hire, to help create quality ad graphics?

- What should be in the Text ad? Is the current Text ad okay?
- Are there other keywords that we should use?

If I am correct in my assertion I don't think that this proposal will make it to this months superblock Thomas. There wasn't this much budget left to start with, and also, I added a proposal just before yours for a new charity for what was left (about 365.000 BBP).

Of course, the final vote hasn't been cast yet, but still :)
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