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All - I decided to remove QT (quant tightening) due to lack of popularity.

Please get, and resync the chain.

Windows is compiling...

So how do you respond in love to a disrespectful person like the snat?  Do you see that he doesnt deserve the answers?  These are not loving questions, they are attacks from a disrespectful person.

What do you mean that a miner who mined for a sanc has less voting power than an investor?  Hogwash.  I mined this coin with more than 35 servers and bought sancs on the open market.  Yes, they are both valuable for voting.

Again, you don't know that the supermajority is voting no, because you don't have an accurate vote count from me (which I established earlier).  You are now believing your lies, and I have the credibility here - Sorry, but you lost your credibility with your corrosive attitude, disrespect, and inaccurate hacking attempts.  Its not your business which masternode keys you made a mistake on, but its definitely true that more than a N number exist that I set up that are voting that appear to come from my account but arent really my sancs...  So knowing that you made an error, why dont you come clean and tell everyone the truth, that you are publicizing a lie?

(LOL, without naming names, I set a couple up for one of our directors, some for a person that is actually in this thread, and I helped someone via e-mail with a certain number, a lot has gone through my wallet, therefore you don't really know out of my N sancs how many are voting right now, you dont know.  You might be off by quite a large number !)

From the looks of the poll here, it looks like the non-Biblepay team miners want this to pass also.

The main issue I think that exists is the Sancs in question all tend to vote at the same time.  So Occam's razor would say one entity controls them all.  While it is certainly possible you run sanc's for other users (and good for you because some people have difficulty or lack of time to figure it out) and it is possible you either 1) asked them how they want to vote and they all said "yes" or 2) more likely told you to vote their sanc's with yours, the result is still the same.  It appears from normal block-chain analysis (and not any black-hat hacker activity) that you control the super majority of normally voting sancs.

I'm not asking personally how many you own, and it is your right to keep that private.  But as the lead dev of the coin, that sort of transparency would build trust in the greater crypto community.
While you are certainly within your rights to use your sanc's (and any sanc's the owners have given de facto proxy to you) how you see fit regardless of if they were bought or earned, the question of how many sanc's you control is certainly a valid one for most users.  Because in the end, if you control a supermajority, there are questions of if we have true governance.  That is not to say that anyone with the resources to buy up BBP (and now seems to be a great time) couldn't exceed what you are believed to control.  Nor is to say you haven't earned the right to call some shots.  But until the Foundation is up and running, it seems like going over and above to preserve trust would have more of a impact on the price of the coin and it's future than any feature that could be added.

In closing, the request of some in the community, and one you're free to choose what to do with, is to reduce the voting of the sanc's you control to a level where you can not pass or fail any proposal on your own.  One simple formula would be to vote with a number no more than 10% of the total sanc's, which would reduce any perceived control you have over the governance system. 

Regardless of what direction you go, know that most of the community still trusts you and are thankful for how far you've gotten this coin in such a short time.
All - I decided to remove QT (quant tightening) due to lack of popularity.

Please get, and resync the chain.

Windows is compiling...
So on the positive side we broke through the chain, and we are rolling.

But the thing Togo mentioned in his log he has solved prior blocks; so I set up two distinct CPIDs in testned and they are both synced to the top.
Whats very, very strange is they both also say they solved prior blocks (like Togo).

In addition, I took a look at the code, and it looks fine, and we havent changed anything related to mining with this QT feature, so Im confused how we introduced a failure in this respect.  Im also mining at .80 hps.

So, let me add some special logging for this and Ill get to the root of the problem.

It seems I cheered too early  :(

I got my home testnet rig up an running again though. I hope it has a different CPID associated, but I'm not sure because I tried some re-associations in the past days.
Production Proposals / Re: Closing the gap for BLOOM recurring expenses
« Last post by seasonw on September 18, 2018, 12:49:56 am »
Hi April,

I don't know what the current statistics are in terms of BBP being requested by the different Charities at this point. I would personally like to see - in the future - that the charity-budget doesn't exceed 50% of the total budget. I think that we owe that to our investors (since those coins will be dumped on the market). We all know that the market is currently in a bad shape, and we should try and work together to survive this with as little casualties as possible (I'm calling the dropping of a sponsorship a 'casualty').

Maybe we could look at where we can cut some expenses without dropping any of the sponsorships? For the future, I would suggest to create a large buffer (of like a year or even larger) before taking a next step. I think - in hindsight - it would have been more wise if we had looked more into securing our sponsorships well into the future.

Yes, I agreed. Expenses should be cut at current bearish market, because there are just a few buy orders but with a lot of sell orders, it is an unhealthy BBP market now.
I reported this back in - never addressed or regression due to kB fees? The address I send payment to doesn't show up in my transaction list.

Seems to only happen if I send to an address I own. Even if I pay a fee, it doesn't show up as a transaction.

If I donate to foundation, I see two transactions.

Only the payment to yiqFGdxM2vzKCk74GrjevEGNTC2rLqKFeg (the PoDS Foundation address?) only appears in my transaction list. I only tried to upload 9MB file.
Hmmm, getmininginfo shows my hashps as 0.494 (networkhashps 1.317),
tail debug.log shows my CPID cant solve blocks

Code: [Select]
ERROR: ContextualCheckBlock: CPID c9a2065f***2f1e8d has solved prior blocks.
Mining on 1 thread is turned on / enabled by default with QT wallet open?

I have same hashes:

Code: [Select]
getblockhash 67134

getblockhash 67200

Im currently on block 67259

Code: [Select]
getblockhash 67259
Rob, you are a man of integrity. From what I see, any suggestions for changing the way orphan related funds are transferred / accounted for etc are intended to improve the process and protect you/all of us from future problems.

As for the MN count, thenat21 simply accessed public data to find and disclose information about the number of MNs that you own. This in no way calls his character into question. The info has been known / assumed by the community for quite some time, but your defensive and sometimes caustic style of leadership has kept us from talking to you directly about it.

You know we respect you. We've seen God answer our prayers about taking care of the children, the orphans that we all love. You have done an incredible job, and now there are hundreds of kids who are healthier and happier than before. Most importantly, they know more about Jesus and his love for them.   

We're not perfect yet, but God is perfecting us. I trust that He will give you wisdom as you consider the impact of holding enough votes in your hand to over-ride any group decisions that might be made. 

Your vision and efforts launched this project, and now many people are involved. Our heritage of faith requires us to hold our leadership accountable. We want to see you and all of our leaders be more transparent and humbly give up some of the power you have, for the good of everyone. This will not only build trust among us as brother and sisters, it will honor the actions that our one true leader displayed when he gave up His life for ours.
I sent 1 mil a block back, but we are stuck til we find another cpid :).

I was trying to get my home testnet rig running again, but I see that my other wallet has synced and is now mining.

Code: [Select]

getblockhash 67200



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