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From my side it seems it's working as expected, I get some payments although I can't evaluate whether they are correct or not-

I got 8 payments of 841 tBBP yesterday and 3 of 16259 tBBP each today.

  "Command": "getboincinfo",
  "CPID": "xxxxx",
  "Address": "yWKX5CXuPCJNLLSwUjqwQcUifnYToco1zM",
  "CPIDS": "xxxxx;",
  "CPID-Age (hours)": 421879,
  "NextSuperblockHeight": 11286,
  "xxxxx_RAC": 451.65,
  "Total_RAC": 451.65,
  "Total Payments (One Day)": 54699,
  "Total Payments (One Week)": 55545,
  "Total Budget (One Day)": 13652100,
  "Total Budget (One Week)": 52085880,
  "Superblock Count (One Week)": 66,
  "Superblock Hit Count (One Week)": 39,
  "Superblock List": "11187,11088,10989,10890,10791,10692,10593,10494,10395,10296,10098,9702,9108,8613,8217,8118,8019,7821,7425,7326,7128,7029,6831,6732,6633,6534,6435,6336,6138,5940,5841,5742,5643,5247,5148,5049,4950,4851,4752",
  "Last Superblock Budget": 1386000,
  "Last Superblock Height": 11187,
  "Last Superblock Payment": 16259,
  "Magnitude": 1.066411856725854

I hope this info is useful


Another question: do we have to "setgenerate true" in the controller wallet, or classical BoPh churning it's not needed any more? What happens if we do/don't do it?

I'm on the move!

This is what I see:

  "Command": "getboincinfo",
  "CPID": "xxxxx",
  "Address": "yWKX5CXuPCJNLLSwUjqwQcUifnYToco1zM",
  "CPIDS": "xxxxx;",
  "CPID-Age (hours)": 421844,
  "NextSuperblockHeight": 9900,
  "xxxxx_RAC": 13.23,
  "Total_RAC": 13.23,
  "Total Payments (One Day)": 0,
  "Total Payments (One Week)": 0,
  "Total Budget (One Day)": 1365210,
  "Total Budget (One Week)": 49542570,
  "Superblock Count (One Week)": 68,
  "Superblock Hit Count (One Week)": 37,
  "Superblock List": "9702,9108,8613,8217,8118,8019,7821,7425,7326,7128,7029,6831,6732,6633,6534,6435,6336,6138,5940,5841,5742,5643,5247,5148,5049,4950,4851,4752,4653,4554,4455,4356,4257,4158,3762,3465,3168",
  "Last Superblock Budget": 1386000,
  "Last Superblock Height": 9801,
  "Last Superblock Payment": -1,
  "Magnitude": 0

I guess that I can "copy" the wallet.dat file to other computer and continue testing, can't I?

Thank you for all your efforts Rob.

Do we have the latest windows version compiled already? I cannot compile it myself even in linux as all my boxes don't have QT installed at the moment so no gui available for me.
Thank you.

Do we have Windows version already for 1090f? If you are too busy I can try compile it myself.
Thank you very much

Sent 1 mil, but youll probably have to upgrade in about 15 mins, as I did discover a bug.

Will update everyone ASAP.

Thank you. I'll wait until it's ready.

Hello all, I want to contribute to this PoDC testing effort.

Could you please send some tBBP to


Thank you very much.

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