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Hi everyone,

Work is underway to update the content in order to show the world with a clear voice what we are all about and why people should invest in us.

April has some great ideas from a marketing perspective. One of her ideas, was to have a so called 'boilerplate':

A boilerplate is basically a one-paragraph outline of what we are and what we do. It's a static chunk of information that will pop up in numerous places (mostly on the bottom): on our website, in newsletters, in press-releases, etc. It should give people the possibility to quickly be able to find out what we are about.

This is important, because people - especially in the times we live in - seem to have shorter and shorter attention spans, which isn't weird considering how much information is fired at us at a daily basis. And Biblepay should do it's best to make it as easily as possible for people to quickly figure out what makes us 'worthy' of a closer look before their attention gets seduced to other places.

Getting a good boilerplate is - in my opinion - an important step in the evolution of Biblepay, because it sets a direction for our future growth. Because in creating a boilerplate, a question comes to mind (a question that people like April are also still trying to answer for themselves): WHAT IS BIBLEPAY?

Are we a cryptocurrency? Are we a community? Are we the spreaders of the Gospel? Are we a donation-vehicle for charities? Are we a mixture of all this?

When writing papers, I often got the advice to try and summarize what you are trying to achieve in one sentence. If you can't do that, then probably you don't have enough clarity what you are actually trying to write about.

In light of this, maybe it's best for us to try to summarize what Biblepay is for us in ONE sentence (let's see if we can make this work). View it as a 'headline'. The first sentence you see when you would enter our website.

Maybe something like:

Biblepay: the environmentally conscious cryptocurrency that contributes to cancer research and helps orphans in Jesus name.

Anyway: I think that getting a good boilerplate will help us set a direction not only for Biblepay as a whole, but also in the way in which we want to structure our website (putting the important things first).

Production Proposals / Proposal idea: airdrop
« on: March 01, 2018, 08:41:50 am »
I'm just thinking out-loud here. But I've been participating in some airdrops lately at and they also do something called 'hosted airdrops'.

This means you fill in a form at their website like this one for example:

We might ask people to join our twitter and fill in their Biblepay wallet adres (which means they must download our paper/mobile/pc wallet to get an adres, and thus become aware of that we stand for). We might have a max of 3000 participants or something, and give everyone - for example - 100 BBP, or maybe even a dollar worth to each participant. I think it would get our name out there and hopefully we can get some more committed users.

This is not a proposal for this round, but just an idea we could maybe talk about :)

I want to 'create' a group of people that will follow me anywhere. I want to do this by making them all addicted to a questionable substance, and set myself up as the solo provider that fuels their addiction. This will make sure they will do anything I tell them, thus making them perfect puppets that I can use to attain my goal (world domination).

I need 100000 tBBP for the first purchase. Other fundraisers will probably follow once I get my group set-up.

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