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BiblePay - TestNet Testing Thread / Re: Android mobile wallet - TEST
« on: April 13, 2018, 03:56:20 pm »
I have to debug some problem with utxo maintenance in explorer code, that affects PoS transactions, and then some more tests with Lichtsucher. Then it will be a matter of hours to publish it.

Nevermind the 211 version, just take the one in the link, it's the last one.
I've downloaded latest version and I have still there "Bitcoin Nodes" in advanced settings, but after clicking on that there is "Biblepay Nodes".
So I don't know if it is still bug, or I have bad version.

BiblePay - TestNet Testing Thread / Re: Android mobile wallet - TEST
« on: April 13, 2018, 12:47:00 pm »
Noted and fixed in dev
There is still old version (211) on your link.
And what about importing? How it looks?
Do you have any schedule for it? :)
After that it will be easy to make promo for Biblepay.
Print paper wallets with QRs and on the other side with QR code to Google play store :)
And then just fill with some coins and make giveaway on street or front of the church :)

BiblePay - TestNet Testing Thread / Re: Android mobile wallet - TEST
« on: April 07, 2018, 05:40:48 pm »
Fixed, it was trying to save the QR bitmap into com.breadwallet storage, it should be com.biblepaywallet for our app.

I refreshed the APK file (uninstall the previous app and use the same dropbox link)
OK, tested and looks that it is OK :)
Sharing without problem.
Sum is now in BBP, not in Bits, thats great, but the symbol isnt good.
I dont know if it is my problem or common.
And I have other problem. When I open wallet after longer time it open first Android Authentification required screen with "please unlock your android device to continue" message. Only then it opens your wallet and ask for fingerprint unlock. I think that it is problem with some kind of way to fingerprint access.

BiblePay - TestNet Testing Thread / Re: Android mobile wallet - TEST
« on: April 06, 2018, 02:25:09 pm »
MIP, it will be problem to post apk on any other server?
More people has problem with download.
I have no problem with sharing it, but I think, that share from you is better :)

BiblePay - TestNet Testing Thread / Re: Android mobile wallet - TEST
« on: April 06, 2018, 11:48:51 am »
MIP this is awesome...
Now Biblepay can be really worth for unbanked...
Testing now :) Sharing anonymous data turned on ;)
Tx in and out without problem.
PIN, fingerprint authentification without problem.
I have found only one problem, when I was trying to share receiving address by email or text message wallet crashed.
Thanks a lot

Support and Troubleshooting / Re: GUI problem
« on: March 23, 2018, 12:40:28 pm »
I'm trying the traditional interface now and I don't see any problems. Thanks for bringing this theme o my attention though, it is much cleaner and easier to read.
Yes, that is the reason, why I use this :) It is the best one :)
I don't know why, but I have still problems with this interface. With other interfaces it is good.
I will wait, maybe next update will solve it :)

Support and Troubleshooting / GUI problem
« on: March 22, 2018, 02:21:42 pm »
Hi Rob,
after updating windows wallet to version is my wallet displaying transaction not correctly.
Date, time and value of transactions are overlaping.
I have biblepay-traditional interface. After change to different interface it is without problem. In version it was without problem too. Of course, when I change the size of the window problem dissapear. Now I have a window widht 962px (smallest possible) and problem dissapear at width approx 1350px. My resolution is 1920x1080.
It looks that I'm the only one using biblepay-traditional interface because no one else is complaining about problems with this interface :)
Thanks for help.

Its mining for me

bible1:~/biblepay/src$ ./biblepay-cli -headlesspodcpassword exec podcpasswordlength

I do receive the mutex error when I stop the node, but I can see after setting the password the cpid signing error is gone...

Are you sure its not mining for you?

Tested today again and now it works :)
I don't know why it didn't worked before.
But now looks fine. Thanks for it.
I wonder whether it was tested by someone else.

Do you plan to make someting with those mutex error?

Hi Orbis,
Try starting biblepayd first, then after its started try this:
/biblepay-cli -headlesspodcpassword exec podcpasswordlength
Then type the password, press <enter>

Then mine, and it should work.
As far as the error in getmininginfo, just wait a little longer.

I remember testing this the night I wrote it, but forgot the parameter must include the full 4 words as above...  Ill modify the release notes when releasing tonight.  Let me know if it works for you now.
Of course I started with biblepayd
Then /biblepay-cli -headlesspodcpassword exec podcpasswordlength
Then typed the password
Then get a shower and after that getmining still gives me CPID error :(
After stoping biblepay it gives me this error:
Code: [Select]
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<boost::lock_error> >'
what():  boost: mutex lock failed in pthread_mutex_lock: Invalid argument

EDIT: tested on 3 different PCs. same result everywhere. with walletpassphrase is unlock successful.

Biblepay -
Mandatory Upgrade before block 35110

- Headless PODC Password support:
  ./biblepay-cli -headlesspodcpassword  <enter>     ,  then Enter password on next line.  Step 2 (optional): exec podcpasswordlength
- Added icon in QT for PODC Association, and icon for PODC Update
- Prevent wallet from spending Sanctuary collateral during PODC Update
- Add support for Required Stake-Per-RAC pending poll outcome

** Windows is compiling **

This is a prerelease, checked in now, available for linux.  It turns out this will need to be mandatory for the whole network due to that new 'potential' stake-per-rac feature pending the poll outcome. 

In the mean time if anyone wants to test the headless password prompt, go for it.

it doesn't work for me.
when I use ./biblepay-cli -headlesspodcpassword it gives me error:
Code: [Select]
Too few parametersI've tried to add someting there e.g. ./biblepay-cli -headlesspodcpassword  1  and it ask for pwd. Entered pwd and then:
Code: [Select]
error code: -32601
error message: Method not found
Memorized 13
I think, those errors belongs to that "1".
after exec podcpasswordlength it gives: Length: 13 and getmininginfo looks sometime fine, without CPID error, but sometimes with error.
So it seems, that it works for me (sometimes), but with additional parameters :)

EDIT: so, tried many times and it didn't worked for me. Still CPID errors in getmininginfo.

Yeah, it could be that we throw *one* of the unable to sign cpids in the miner when you first boot - try this, lock wallet, close wallet, open wallet - type
 the password, ensure we dont throw a password error after clicking OK on the password prompt, start the miner, if you see an error in there, do another 'setgenerate true 5' and just wait a couple minutes - ensure the error goes away and its mining.    The issue might be that we dont clear the error for about 4 mins or so into mining in the miner. 

Yes, we unlock it, sign the cpid, and lock it when the password is provided.  But we only do that if its encrypted and locked at the time cpid needs signed.
So, it is OK. It works and I was too impatient. But I still think that visual "alert" for this need improvement :) Maybe it will be enough to change the onhover text on lock to "Wallet is encypted and unlocked for PODC only". Thanks Mike and Rob for clarification.

Are you saying it won't auto-unlock for PODC updates? Your wallet will be locked even after the prompt, it is only unlocked for the podc update.
Oh. And how I know that it is unlocked? There is no "sign" about that in wallet.
After start and getmininginfo it gives me Unable to sign CPID.
Ok. Maybe I'm impatient and it'll be enough to wait, but I was thinking that it just don't work for me and unlock it manually.
But definitelly it will be good to have there some message about it that it is unlocked for PODC only.

Try setting the minersleep=500 for example, this is configurable by the user.  Ill see if I can change it back to 250ms for the next version but it doesnt seem to be a bug.

On the Win GUI, not sure what you mean by not working.

It should throw an error if you type in the wrong password.
minersleep=1000 works for me.

And with that unlock.
At starting GUI wallet it asks me for password. I give there good password (I changed it, copy/paste, ...) and the wallet is still locked when it starts.
There is no error, only locked wallet (the lock icon is locked "wallet is encypted and currently locked", in menu is option "unlock wallet", in getinfo is "unlocked_until": 0, ... ). 
I must unlock it from menu then it works.

It seems that no strategy exists for making it harder for "big brothers"
Linear or exponential staking won't work because of multiple accounts.
High stake (e.g. 50000/magnitude) won't be good for small or new users but big whales won't have problem with it.
We all know that it is not good to have someone with such a big amount of coins because if he decide he dump the price to the zero in a minute.
Kicking someone from team is an option.
But that will be precedens and the question is who will be next kicked out?
And like west written, there is no problem to buy VPN if you have money.
Maybe it is possible to track rosetta PC IDs but that won't be problem to change it too. Or invitation system to team? Is it possible? But then it will be really centralized :)
So it looks, that we must just live with big whales and hope that they don't dump the price when they will have bad day.

Ok. Upgraded to 1110.
My observations:
On my 1-core VPS is one thread using more than 50% of CPU. Version before it was about 15%.

And Rob, my bootup unlock in WIN GUI is still not working :(
I don't know what can be bad here.

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