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Ok. Now to testing :) After update I've must to start mining to have some tBBP to join Rosetta. Now I'm in, but my magnitude is 0. It all starts from zero after update?

I catch your drift, but I think security and integrity trumps usability in this case. 

Im open to suggestions, but driving our price up due to a breakthrough feature, and helping 100,000 orphans is much much more important.  If our price goes up, people will find a way to leave a controller wallet running and then mine on multiple tablets :).
I agree with you. I just wanted to point on another point of view :) You're making great job and I'm impressed with yours fast making concept/programming ability. Thanks.

The small devices would still work, but this would require a controller wallet running to know when the small device starts hashing.

Thinking about this a little deeper,  that might be a big boon for biblepay.  This would mean to get paid you need to keep your controller wallet running so it can send messages that your devices are starting tasks.  Thats a plus for our security , as that means our networking full node count is higher and the POW-heat side would not be virtually zero.  So this is actually a reasonable and positive requirement....

Lets think about this.
This would be a big minus for me. My controller wallet is on my notebook, which is my only one PC and that is not running 24/7. I really don't like an idea to put my wallet somewhere to run it 24/7 (e.g. VPS). I like current state :) It is ideal for me. OK, i'm just a small fish here, but I think, that you want to point this coin to people like me too. If there will be mobile phone wallet with this option, it wouldn't be so bad. This would be acceptable to almost everyone. There will be just another problem. You must be still online :) , so you need to pay mobile data. In developing countries it may be problem too. OK. I must stop writing, I'm really not optimistic :) But I like a PoDC a lot.

Did you have to do anything to get your phone to run 24/7? I have mine plugged in but it will only work for a few hours then it will suspend it self. I have to manually start it again afterwards.
Hi, like I said, I had many problems with it. Even when the phone was on charger it still had problem and wanted to plug in the power source. At the end my settings are approx like this: battery as power source, 0% min. battery, 2 CPU cores (2 of 4), 100% CPU limit, stop with CPU usage ove 80%. Now it is working almost perfectly with some small issues yesterday.

You are in there - but the problem with Orbis is his computers are hidden.  Orbis you have to unhide computers to be in the leaderboard.
ok. I must check the settings and find it... But maybe it doesnt matter anymore, because all my VPS are ending today :)
So I will be without any "external help"...
My only 24/7 device will be my old Nexus 4 ;) and maybe this will be interresting for you Rob.
It is old phone, comparable to nowaday mid range.

I test it for 2 days now. There were some problems on beginning and I've found that I need to use only 2 of 4 cores to run it properly.
After two days: Total credit   1015 ; Average credit   89.93

Do you mean you can't find your CPID?
No. We aren't on Rosetta Machine Leaderboard and Rosetta Project Leaderboard on BBP pool and I don't see myself in Rob's leaderboard post neither.
But I'm in Biblepay team in Rosetta and I get payment for every superblock. It's weird.
Any idea?

Forgot to answer this post yesterday sorry,
Please see inline:

I was busy today, but thanks a lot for your answer Rob. And thanks for "getboincinfo" explanation too.
Those answers definitely fulfill my curiosity :)

Per my calculations right now, you would need 4~8 more recent android phones to match the computing power of a dual Xeon E7-4820 server which currently runs about $1,000USD used.
It is possible. On my phone calculations run only on charger, so not more than 6-8 hours/day :) so it is only "for fun".
Here are some stats: avg. speed 2.27 GFLOPS, avg time/task 9 hours with 4 hours cpu time, avg. credit/task 65 ;)

Sorry, I meant your android device. It is also an ARM device.
Mike, I have ARM based Galaxy S7. I run rosetta with 4 cores. I tested 8 cores too, but phone was too hot :) it seems that 6 cores will be fine too. But my phone has 4GB RAM.

10 Upgrade for Testnet

- Allow headless to participate in SanctuaryQuorum
- Enabled CPID botnet busting rule (requires each block to have signed and associated CPIDs with Magnitude in order to mine (and we enforce distinct CPIDs over 5 block periods))

* Windows is still compiling *

*** ALL : I have discovered that by moving up to version and enforcing it (since we don't want to touch the Protocol Version in Prod) for some reason, the nodes are now interpreting "1090" as "109".  Therefore, I had to check in some code to allow the wallet to understand we are on 1090.  Please upgrade to 1090b in Testnet and please discard the last 1090 version.  (Otherwise, we cant connect).

Rob, this is great work and you were really fast to make Sanctuaries headless.

Did you try something similar to this yet?

Or you can do this for any process:

Thanks. I've tried those config options, but didn't work for me. I've used "cpulimit" before, so it seems to be my way :)

it looks, that rosetta is too much for VPS. I'm testing it on one of my VPS and in last two days it freeze up 3 times. No respond from VPS and only solution was restart. Then it works for some time and freeze again.. I must find solution how to limit cpu resources :) Is here anyone else testing VPS?

I was able to setup Linux machine with BOINC with 3 commands!

togoshigekata BOINC:

sudo apt install boinc-client boinc-manager
boinccmd --lookup_account  EMAIL PWD
boinccmd --project_attach  ACCOUNTKEY

and I used top command to look at CPU usage, and the CPU was auto used up by BOINC

Thanks Luke!

Boinccmd tool:

Togo, i think that this command
Code: [Select]
boinccmd --lookup_account EMAIL PWDis useless if you know your CPID.
And it is better to not post your EMAIL and PWD to console ;)

So.... in that case, I have a few other questions :D
1. when will PODC go live? :) EDIT: ok... i saw your post higher Rob, thanks
2. what will happened with credits from rosetta earned in testnet when it goes live?
3. If it will be fresh start (everyone with 0 RAC and magnitude), block will be solved after that 31 minutes rule, but what will be with "rosetta's block" reward within first day or two?
4. How we will change our control wallet from testnet to prod? With "exec associate rosetta_email rosetta_pass force"?
5. How it is magnitude exactly counted?
6. I understand, that there are bilions of combinations needed to be counted, but what if rosetta fullfil their mission?
7. Will be PODC prod update mandatory to all?
Thanks a lot for fullfiling my curiosity :D

That's correct. Did you need help setting up remote desktop on your sanctuary?
No, thanks. I think, that I will make it with Togo's manual, but I don't need it. I don't own MN in testnet neither in prod :D That was just for understand things ;)

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